Resorts Property International - Deceptive Sales Practices. No refund or returned calls

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Resorts Property International, Inc contacted me and said they had a buyer for my timeshare.The cost would be approx 1200.00 for the transaction to happen.

I only had 450.00 and they instructed my to wire it to their bank. Mistake #1. I was then told to wait on a package that would be sent via courier. The package was a Terms and Conditions Disclosure form and not the sales contract I was waiting for.

This also came US mail. As I looked over this contract that had mistakes all over it I noticed in order to get a refund, I would have to mail a request via certified mail back to them within 7 days from the date of service which was 4/12/2011. I received the mail on 4/15/11 so 4 days had already pasted and the weekend was approaching. Not business days by the way.

I called RPI and was told the sales contract was sent and I should receive it on 04/16/11. Never showed up and I was not really expecting one. Monday's mail came and still no contract. I made several calls to their sales "scam" artists with no return calls.

I attempted to fax a refund request to their office. Nope, their fax is not working. So I am out of $450.00 from scam artist that have nothing better to do then to call you and fill your head with hopes of a sale of your property but only delivering a headache and less money. If this company contacts you, you would be best to hang up the phone.

I had many "Red Flags" popping up but did not listen to my own common sense. Don't be an *** like I was.

These people will be caught and locked up in time.Thanks for reading.

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